Goodbye Diem Brown

ct and diem

So that was it. CT and Diem were disqualified from Battle of the Exes II for a medical emergency as Diem was rushed back to America. It kindof makes me wonder why Diem even competed in this Challenge at all if she was so close to the edge. Not that I wish she hadn’t. In fact it was really good to see her again. And it felt even better to see her and CT doing so well in the competition. I have no idea what would have happened if they stuck around, but after seeing them finish in 2nd and 3rd in their two Challenge Days I can’t believe they wouldn’t have been sniffing around a title.

In the end, however, its not to be. CT and Diem went home, and Diem, for one, is never coming back.

CT and Diem were absolutely great together this season. There was none of the past drama that has plagued them, and CT could not have looked like a more supporting partner. That hasn’t always been the case. Their MTV stories are so tightly intertwined that, for better or worse, they have always been more or less inseparable. CT cracked a joke to Bananas as he was packing up to leave that “normally the only reason I go home this early is because I socked somebody” references his Duel II fight with Adam which, surprise surprise, was a Diem related incident if you recall. The two really did define one another, and every memorable Challenge moment for either one of them invariably had the other tied in there somewhere.

CT and Diem are Challenge royalty. There will never be another pair like them. It feels like they’ve been around seen the start of the show. CT was on Real World Paris in 2003 and made his Challenge debut on The Inferno in 2004. Diem entered the fold on the original Fresh Meat back in 2006. As fans we only got to see inside their relationship in glimpses. From season to season. If one of them missed a season, no dice, no update. When they were good, we were good and got to enjoy every moment of them together. When they were fighting we had to watch it play out and suffer with them. But we only got to view their relationship through the admittedly tainted and distorted lens that is MTV’s The Challenge.

But what was really the best thing about CT and Diem. What made it really special. Was that in this world of MTV faux celebrities, hyperbole, and imitation life. Where everything is constructed to gain extra airtime and push your own agenda. Where editing is key and can turn any one night stand into an apparently life long romance, or any disagreement into World War Three. What was really special about CT and Diem was just how real they were.

mgid-uma-image-mtv (1)

For me personally, it doesn’t really feel like Diem is gone. I can still see her on TV or on online reruns which is as far as our relationship went anyway, but for CT it’s all too real. 


Goodbye Diem. You will be missed. And good luck CT. You have thousands of fans who only wish you the best.


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