The Magnolia State Saga Continues

Yes that is their real state flag.

Yes that is their real state flag. A mashup of France and the Confederacy?

The State of Mississippi has yet to let me down with this exciting, magical pair of football seasons they’re throwing together. I mentioned last week how they had a pair of tough games coming up this weekend. I wanted to savor they unbelievable things they had been able to do thus far because it was easy to believe that if anyone could go into the Cowbell Den that is Starkville and win it would be #2 Auburn, and there was no reason to think Texas A&M couldn’t upset Ole Miss at home, especially when they were pissed off and coming off a loss. And then the games happened.

Over 110,000 people showed up to watch the Rebels crush the Aggies (Image Via

Over 110,000 people showed up to watch the Rebels crush the Aggies (Image Via

Ole Miss went down to A&M and buried them. The Game ended up being 35-20 but it wasn’t even close. The Aggies were never better than 2 TDs down. And scored 13 of their 20 points in the 4th quarter and all 20 of their points in the second half.


Mississippi State, however, felt a little different. On the surface they absolutely beat down Auburn. That first quarter was an absolute spectacle. The rest of the game was too although for multiple ever-changing reasons ranging from a freak monsoon, to Heisman hopeful Dak Prescott’s turnovers etc. And yet somehow throughout the entire thing, State seemed to be completely in control. Mullen made some absolutely atrocious coaching calls all game long, the biggest example being the inexplicable Fake Punt play. I get it. Its one thing to just step on someone’s throat when you’re really feeling it, but that play had about as much chance for success as Custer following Crazy Horse into the Little Bighorn.

custer miss state

And it didn’t stop there. With 7:26 to go in the game Dak Prescott ran the ball out of bounds when he should have slid to keep the clock running and ensure the victory. Mullen went for it on 4th and 8 instead of kicking a field goal in the 4th quarter that would have almost certainly have guaranteed the win. And lets not forget all the turnovers from our alleged Heisman leader Prescott. In a lot of ways this team played and looked terrible. And yet? THEY COMPLETELY FUCKING DOMINATED AUBURN! THE NUMBER 2 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY AND DEFENDING SEC CHAMPS!!! Even through poor coaching, mental missteps, turnovers and everything else, Mississippi State looked dominant against Auburn. And they shut down one of the best offensive minds in football today, Gus Malzahn.

Somehow this doofus (right) knocked off Malzahn (Photo Credit: Kevin Cox, Getty Images)

Somehow this doofus (right) knocked off Malzahn (Photo Credit: Kevin Cox, Getty Images)

Now, when the new polls came out this week that picture perfect “shared third place” thing that the two Mississippi schools had was over. Ole Miss held down the #3 spot, but Mississippi State leapt over Florida State to claim the #1 spot. However, with all those mental missteps it just doesn’t feel like like Mississippi State is the #1 team in the country. I mean… I think they deserve to be ranked there after that spectacle they went through being #8 in the country on the road, #6, and then #2 all in a row. And they certainly look dominant enough, both offensively and defensively, to be there. However, they are perhaps the most beatable #1 overall team I have ever seen.

Win or lose against LSU this Saturday Kentucky will get the first road crack at our newly minted #1, and I’m chomping at the bit for a chance at these guys. For all we know Mullen is already half way through contract talks to replace Will Muschamp at Florida, and doesn’t bother to gameplan. Now, I still love the story of these two Mississippi schools dominating the gauntlet that is the SEC West. I’m still rooting for the Egg Bowl to be between two undefeateds and I would LOVE it if both schools someone made the 4 team playoff. All I’m saying is that I’m just glad Kentucky gets the first crack at them as a number one, and I hope Mullen calls fake punts all day long. Why not?

(Photo Credit: UK Athletics)

(Photo Credit: UK Athletics)


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